Cult Moto is a global online media publication, providing the latest Motocross news, original content and exclusive rider insight from the UK and Global scenes.

Comprised of two Professional Videographers with a passion for Motocross, Cult Moto was founded late 2021, with its official launch arriving in January 2022. Since inception, Cult Moto has had the pleasure of working with some of the most respected brands and teams in the Motocross industry, as well as some of the most decorated riders in the World.

Rob Simpson and Chris Channing, the two founders of Cult Moto, have watched and raced Motocross themselves since a young age. Their passion and love for the sport runs deep, as well as their love for capturing and creating content for the World to see.

“Motocross is a lifestyle for us, and we are so fortunate to live it every single day. We have a passion for creating visually epic content, and love to challenge ourselves to provide the best standard of content in the industry. For us, it’s not only the content we produce, but also the results we deliver. ⁃ Cult Moto

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Comprehensive coverage of all things Motocross, and more. Professional Videographers with experience of working with top brands and athletes within the sporting industry. A keen eye for creativity and adaptable to suit any creative styles. We create content that captures emotion, and connects with its receiver.

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We pride ourselves in delivering results on the biggest stage in the World at this moment in time: social media. Creating a brand profile is of huge importance in today’s age. We have shaped the way we produce content so that we can provide a successful model of growth, not just in numbers, but real engagement from target audiences.


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